GERMANTAS Gouda grated semi-hard cheese (100 g)
  • Weight 100 g
  • Fat in dry matter 45%
  • Storage conditions (0÷+6) ºC
  • Date of expiry 60
  • 100 g nutritional value
  • Energy value kJ/kcal 1428/344
  • Fat 26,1 g
  • Of which saturated fatty acids 17 g
  • Carbohydrates 0,2 g
  • Of which sugar 0 g
  • Protein 27 g
  • Salt 2 g

GOUDA semi-hard cheese is regarded as one of the oldest and most popular cheeses in the world. Historical sources mention it since the 12th c., while the Lithuanian Germantas GOUDA cheese has been produced since 1985. This soft cow cheese is characterised by a rich and savoury flavour, which is a perfect company for salads and cold sandwiches with fresh vegetables. Mouth-watering, gently yellowish cheese, featuring individual pea-size eyelets, speaks of particularly high quality. Upon opening the packaging you will find evenly cut slices. That is a time-saver for those, who don't want to spend too much time cooking.