Grated DŽIUGAS® Hard Cheese (40 g)
  • Weight 40 g
  • Fat content s.m. 40%
  • Storage conditions (0 ÷ +6) ºC
  • Nutrition per 100 g _
  • Energy value kJ/kcal 1523/366
  • Fat 26
  • Of which saturated fatty acids 18
  • Carbs 0
  • Of which sugars 0 g
  • Proteins 33
  • Salt 2,0
  • Calcium 1077 µg (135 % RMV*)

This is a fully-mature cheese, characterised by a subtle flavour. The elegance of pure, spicy and strong taste is combined with subtle notes of dried fruit and cheese will gently melt in our mouth in small pieces. Solid and pleasantly breakable. Yellow, gradually turning into greenish matte near the rind. With small eyelets, playfully arranged in its solid texture. 24-month DŽIUGAS® hard cheese is a harmony of youth and wisdom. An excellent addition to your party table, served with picked wine, onion or fig chutney, blueberry, violet jelly, peach, orange or apricot jams. Or perhaps you'd rather dip the crunchy pieces into dried fruit and red wine sauce? Explore the subtle and spicy combination of sweet.