About us


Designing tasty and unique products to predict consumer future needs today. To represent the culture of Samogitian region in the world. Be attractive to employees, the general public and the environment.



Continuously create added value for the Buyer and the Company, preserving existing Customers and attracting new ones, ensuring the highest level of product quality from the field to the shelf.



  • To ensure the quality and safety of products, comply with the requirements of the company applicable to legislation and other normative documents and stakeholders.
  • Conserve the environment by reducing the cost of materials and energy at all stages of production.
  • Guarantee food safety in the supply chain from the receipt of the raw material to the presentation of the final product to the consumer.
  • Continuously improve production technology and production.
  • Provide time and time to provide consumers and customers with complete, high-quality and safe food.
  • Carefully and competently investigate the needs of our users and respond promptly to changes.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Food Safety and Quality Management System (IMSCS) that meets the needs of customers, sales networks and international standards ISO22000, FSSC22000, BRC.
  • To systematically raise the qualifications and awareness of employees at all levels, ensuring staff accountability for product safety and quality, responsibilities and competences.



Origin of one of the largest and most modern milk processing enterprises in Lithuania - ŽEMAITIJOS PIENA companies - starts in 1924. According to the legend, the Telšiai milk factory, which was founded by giant DŽIUGAS in the old town of Samogitia, built in the ancient countryside, in the ancient city of Telsiai, was, quite a century ago, quite large capacity: it produced butter, cottage cheese, cream and other dairy products.

Over the years and in consultation with the best European and US firms, focusing on the introduction of new technologies using Bactocath's world-leading membrane-based milk treatment technology, has expanded the range of products produced and improved their quality. In 1995, the State Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania, after verifying the LACTIC MILK, established that the company complies with the veterinary requirements and issued the State Veterinary Surveillance Number EN 78-01 P. 20 04 1995, Order No. 4-104 "On the Issue of Veterinary Care Numbers".

In mid-2009, the company was awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 22000 Food Safety Systems Certificates. They were also received by the company "Klaipėdos pienas" and "Šilutės Rambynas".

Under the self-control system installed, the company strictly controls the raw material, production processes and performs laboratory testing of the finished product. Everyday research is carried out in the Independent Research Laboratory, which in 2006 was the first food industry laboratory in Lithuania accredited by the German accreditation bureau DAkkS in accordance with international standards LST ISO / IEC 17025. In 2011, the laboratory was successfully re-accredited.

Over the years, our work experience and unique recipes allow our users to provide a wide range of products with excellent taste and high quality. Today, the company produces over 200 names of new and already user-friendly dairy products - the new organic dairy product group DOBILAS. Magic products have gained consumer confidence from the very beginning and gained stunning popularity. The magic product group consists of Magic and Magia PREMIUM brands. The buyers enjoyed the fermented and processed cheeses, the only Pik-Nik sausages that were not chewed in Lithuania. On March 8, 2012, the sensational 10th anniversary of the production of this exceptional product was held on March 8th, when it was recalled that almost every year Pik-Nik won awards at various international and national exhibitions, and in 2011 the first Baltic championship "Pasiplėšom 2011" was held for the first time. where there was a rush on who would likely trash the cheese sausage in the most part. The championship achieved a Lithuanian record: the longest - 384.92 meters - Pik-Nik cheese sausage was produced.

The company's most famous product - hard cheese DŽIUGAS - won the highest achievements at many national and international exhibitions. Twice in Brussels - in 2011 and 2013 - the Superior taste AWARD awarded the cheese for the first impression, taste, smell, texture, appearance, with a score of 3 stars from 3 possible.

In May 2013, this legendary cheese also reigned on the Asian continent. SIAL China's Samogitian cheese product was awarded the Sial Inovation 2013 Grand Prix at the International Food and Drink Exhibition in China. This award has not been won by any of our country's food industry companies.

The unheard of unprecedented celebration - DŽIUGIADIENIS - On May 8th, 2013, on the first day of Džiugas, a new door opened at the DŽIUGAS house in Telšiai, organizing the first cheese DŽIUGAS certification. It is the sixth such house in Lithuania - even 4 of them are located in Vilnius and one in the port city.

DŽIUGAS house you will find not only the various ripening hard cheeses DŽIUGAS, which has been recognized as the most popular merchandise of buyers for the fourth year in a row among the Lithuanian Trade Organizations' Association, but also will enjoy coffee, spicy sweets, pies, flavors, scones, new ice cream with cheese DŽIUGAS, wheat bran, DŽIUGAS WINE ...

Consumer favorites of the trademark "ŽEMAITIJOS Old Traditions", milk, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, cream, curd, curd cheese, butter, as well as many other products.

The culinary heritage of our country is also trusted. ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS cottage cheese and "Samogitian chestnut" are made exclusively from traditional raw materials and additives according to traditional technologies, therefore these products of this exceptional flavor earned the certificates of the Lithuanian Culinary Heritage Foundation and are marked with a special Fond logo.

ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS has been supporting the Kalėtųnų senelių globos ir namuose for over 20 years, and is the initiator of many social activities. For the fourth year of study, the young middle-aged men willingly participate in the campaign "The end of the second class in Telšiai is taught", the initiator and the most generous sponsor of the company is ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS. For many years Zemaitijos pienas is the general sponsor of the Žemaitė Drama Theater. The name of the company, thanks to its support for many of the events in the region and in the country.

At present, the company employs more than 1300 professional and creative employees, whose significant contribution, optimism and wisdom allows the company to achieve ambitious goals. The faultless work is the company's business card, which undeniably testifies to the reliability and solidity of the LOWER MILK, the consolidation of its products in the domestic market, as well as the promotion of the Land of Samogitia and Lithuania in the world.