• Ingredients
  • GERMANTAS Tilsit sliced semi-hard cheese (150 g) 1 riekė
  • Grounded beef 120 g
  • Lettuce 1 lapelis
  • Tomato (medium) 1 vnt.
  • Pickled cucumbers 2 vnt.
  • Beef spice Pagal skonį
  • Olive oil 1 š.
  • Bun with sesame seeds 1 vnt.
  • Mayo 1 š.
  • Tomato sauce 2 šaukšteliai
  • Onion 1 vnt.
  • Process: 30
  • Level:
  • Number of people:


Slice onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. Season the ground beef with your favourite spice, sprinkle with oil and mix. Shape your burgers and fry them on both sides for 2-3 minutes. Cut the fresh bun with sesame seeds into half and smear the bottom half with mayo. Then layer a leaf of crunchy lettuce, a slice of onion, fried burger and a slice of GERMANTAS Tilsit cheese. Then a slice of tomato and pickled cucumbers. Smear the top of the bun with tomato sauce and put it on top. Serve pierced with a wooden spit.

Bon appétit!