• More protein  (than regulated by standards);
  • No lysozyme;
  • Low TBC (total bacterial count);
  • Powdery, not lumping;
  • Constant sensory properties;
  • No preservatives or colorants (food additives are not used in cheese production);
  • Suitable for vegetarians (no enzymes of animal origin are used in cheese production);
  • Full quality control and traceability from collection of milk to the customer;
  • Meets international quality standards ISO 22000, FSSC22000;
  • Every batch is certified by “Independent Testing Laboratory”;
  • Packaged in multi-layered paper bags with polyethylene liner: 25 kg or Big Bags up to 1 ton;

Whey powder is produced by drying fresh whey obtained from production of hard and semi-had cheeses, no preservatives or colorants are used in the production process. During the technological process, fresh whey are concentrated using a vacuum evaporation machine. The quality of the crystallization process is ensured by rapidly cooling the concentrated whey. Crystallization is then continued in crystallizers. After crystallization the whey powder is produced by using a multi-stage spray drier. 

Whey powder produced in this way has good solubility properties. This product is used in confectionery, culinary and baking industries. It is commonly used in production of yoghurt, chocolate, ice cream, as well as animal feed.