DŽIUGAS® Gourmet Hard Cheese (350 g)
  • Weight 350 g
  • Fat content s.m. 40%
  • Storage conditions (0 ÷ +6) ºC
  • Nutrition per 100 g _
  • Energy value kJ/kcal 1528/367
  • Fat 26
  • Of which saturated fatty acids 18
  • Carbs 0
  • Of which sugars 0
  • Proteins 33
  • Salt 2,0

Truly mature cheese with a savoury scent of magic. Solid, rich, pleasantly bitter and spicy taste with a hint of fruit. This cheese melts in your mouth and thrills your palate with its bursts of flavour. Characterised by a subtly tawny marble colour and gritty texture, patterned with white calcium salt crystals, which makes you want it again and again and again… 36-month hard cheese DŽIUGAS® is pleasure worth of aristocratic table. It is a light and delicious snack with a glass of wine, served before or during a pompous grand finale, after an excellent lunch or dinner. Prefer to take it for an evening of two, submerging into a romantic world of gourmet senses? What you will only need with mature cheese and wine is fresh pears, juicy pieces of melon, figs and nuts. You will be surprised, but this cheese fits well with a cup of fragrant cappuccino as well.