DOBILAS organic vanilla yoghurt (300 g)
  • Weight 300 g
  • Fatness 3,2%
  • Storage conditions (0÷+6) ºC
  • Energy value kJ/kcal 388/93
  • Fatness 3,4 g
  • Of which saturated fatty acids 2,2 g
  • Carbs 11,8 g
  • Of which sugars 11,8 g
  • Proteins 3,7 g
  • Salt 0,1 g
  • 100 % organic product
  • Classic flavour, achieved from natural Madagascar vanilla.

Dobilas yoghurt is free of thickening agents and gelatin, while its creamy thickness is achieved by using excellent quality easily-digestible milk protein.

Vanilla is a tropical climbing orchid, growing yellow and orange blossom bundles. Vanilla spice is achieved from vanilla fruit in a long and careful processing process. This type of orchid blooms one blossom a day. Ripened pulses are then hand-picked and fermented. It is only then that they acquire the characteristic dark colour and aroma.

Remember the long history of vanilla and the work it requires as you taste your organic yoghurt and enjoy its exclusive aroma.